is a masterbrand helping platform and unite female, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender presences in both underground and popular cultures.

Created by artist and writer LYLANI in 2024, it encompasses a multidisciplinary online publication, a creative production studio, and a members’ network, existing in both IRL and URL realms.

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PLANET OF THE BABES is a Babe’s guide to life and survival. It was created as an antidote to publications that cover and spotlight underground/queer initiatives via a distant, "outside-looking-in" gaze, as well as intra-community zines that lack a sense of urgency.

Weekly features include interviews of noted Babes, reports from the best babe-approved parties, cultural reviews, listicles and a Babe Breather to distract you every Sunday evening.

PLANET OF THE BABES was formerly known as funland; posts from its past iteration will be re-uploaded in due course.

For any inquiries regarding PLANET OF THE BABES, please email priestess@ofthebabes.club.

Run the pen to your right to subscribe directly to PLANET OF THE BABES. Note that all Babes must sign a credo upon interest.

STUDIO OF THE BABES is a multidisciplinary studio focusing on creating and producing various forms of content from a FLINTA* perspective.

This includes bespoke photographic sessions in-studio and on-location, social media content production, copywriting, research and art direction.

More coming very soon.

PLANET OF THE BABES are planning to launch a series of immersive parties/game shows in late 2024. Expect queerness, tomfoolery and babe-approved bops.

More coming soon.